Foundation Repair Frisco.

The name Frisco is an abbreviation of the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway chosen by the residents in 1904 after their first choice, Emerson was rejected by the U.S. Postal Service.

foundation repair Frisco
foundation repair Frisco

Premier Foundation Repairs Inc. has performed many foundation repairs projects in Frisco, from homes in the low $200k to large homes valued above one million dollars. Frisco is a very affluent city north of Dallas with great schools and shopping centers. Several major business headquarters are based in Frisco, including some big sports names like the Dallas Cowboys (in 2016) and the Dallas Stars NHL team.

Points of Interest are:

Stonebriar Center – A great shopping center

FC Dallas Stadium --

Dr Pepper Ballpark –

In the last few years Frisco has had an explosive growth going from 2000 to today. In 2009 Frisco was the fastest growing city in United States. As you can imagine, lots of new homes have been built and many homeowners are not familiar with the Texas weather and soil conditions.

Frisco, as most of north Texas is also sitting on very expansive soil and therefor it is very susceptible to foundation cracks and shifts. Please follow some of our ideas found on our blog to try to mitigate the effects of the expansive soil.

If your residence is in Frisco and you suspect having foundation problems, check out our blog for ideas and checklists on how to inspect your house or give us a call when it is convenient to you (or use our contact form). We can inspect your foundation and residence and give you a completely free estimate of repairs, if any are necessary.

Foundation Repair in Frisco is something we have done for the last 30 years while the city was growing.